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      “The SFLS American High School Division is about to start its graduation season. Students have received offers from prestigious universities and shared the good news with me. The last three years have been a reaping and harvesting season. Here, in these hallways, you have absorbed knowledge; here you have read, studied and learned to swim in the sea of books; here you have dreamed and turned those ideals into a reality; here teachers have inspired you to transform the written language into your life’s philosophies. I have been privileged to witness your growth. I have seen you flourish as a tree planted by the rivers, leap as if you’re reaching for the heavens. My earnest hope is that you will grow into towering trees and become ambitious and empathetic people. I also hope that you can come back to your Alma mater, see your teachers, your younger brothers and sisters, and share in the joy of the development of your Alma mater!”


      Due to the different publication times of application results in different countries, more offers from leading universities are expected in the near future. The following are the details of the college applications as of 1 May 2019. (The following rankings are in alphabetical order only)

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